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Fix Error Activating McAfee Subscription CD Retailcard
Feb 27

How to Fix error in activating a McAfee subscription with a CD or Retail card?

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Fix Error Activating McAfee Subscription CD Retailcard – While activating the McAfee license using a CD or Retail Card, you may come across one or more errors. Don’t worry we are here to guide you and fix your problem without hassle. We are providing a possible list of error and their easy solutions.

Try McAfee Virtual Technician

McAfee Virtual Assistance helps you get a solution to your issue by guiding you. You can try to find the solution to your problem here. It is a free software available to download and install on your device. After the installation, it will scan your device for possible errors and guide you to fix it. Else, you can go further into this article and get a solution to your issue.

Fix Error Activating McAfee Subscription CD Retailcard

Fix Error Activating McAfee Subscription CD Retailcard

Possible Errors while Activating McAfee with CD or Retail Card

Error 1: The website you visited has no option to redeem your retail card.

Solution: Take out your retail card and check the URL mentioned on it. There is a chance that you have entered the wrong URL. Enter the correct URL and redeem your retail card.

Error 2: The Product Key you entered does not correspond with country and language you are in.

Solution: From the drop-down list of language, select the one mentioned on your retail card. You can also choose the option most near to you. Try again and check this works or not.

Error 3: The Product Key is not valid.

Solution: It is possible that you have entered the Product Key wrong. Check carefully on your Retail Card and enter it again. In case you are getting the invalid product key error, then contact the McAfee Customer Support.

Error 4: Product Key already used.

Solution: If you have installed McAfee on one device using the Product Key. Then to get a subscription to another device, you have to purchase the license first. Otherwise, you will get this error.

Error 5: Sorry, but it looks like the store you got the card from forgot to activate your card. Ask the store to activate McAfee, and then try again.

Solution: This error occurs when the retailer forgot to activate your retail card. You should go back to the retail store ask your retailer to activate the card for you. Otherwise, you won’t be able to use the McAfee product.

Error 6: Issue while activating McAfee using a CD.


  • Put the CD in the right CD Driver. The installation will run automatically.
  • Follow the on-screen instruction to install McAfee on your device.
  • Right-click on the installed McAfee icon on your screen and select the Activate Now option.
  • Enter your product key and select Activate.

In case you failed to activate the McAfee subscription by following these steps. Then run McAfee Virtual Technician.

If you are still unable to understand the problem then contact the McAfee customer support team now. One of their technicians will quickly take your issue and provide you with a solution.

Get instant resolution to Fix Error Activating McAfee Subscription CD Retailcard.


Mcafee product key
Jan 29

What is Mcafee Product Key, used for installaion process.

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McAfee provides complete virus protection and internet security to all your devices. The process of installing and activating McAfee is easy if you follow a few steps. McAfee users feel safe while surfing the internet and shopping on a website. McAfee also has 30 days money back guarantee and free trial offers to make customer test the best product. If you are satisfied with the McAfee performance then keep using it or find another suitable protection system. Learn about Mcafee Product Key below.

Mcafee product key

What is Mcafee Product Key or Activation Key?

In order to install and start using McAfee on your device, you should know what does a Mcafee Product Key or Activation Key do. A Product Key is a unique 20-digit alphanumeric code that is used to activate your McAfee subscription. You should keep your Product Key safe and accessible to you. In case you bought McAfee online then the Product key will be sent to you on your registered Email Id. Else you can also get Product key from a retail store and use it later during the McAfee activation process.

It is advised to purchase McAfee product key from a retail store as a retail card instead of purchasing CD/DVD. As it will eliminate the possibility of getting an older version and you can simply download latest updated version from the official site.

Keep these things in your device before Activating McAfee

  • Always check McAfee compatibility with your device’s current Operating System. Update your current OS if needed.
  • Make sure you have minimum memory requirement for Mcafee Product Key to work.
  • Uninstall any other security system your device has already. Also, remove any conflicting software or app from the device.
  • You should have a good internet connection when you will be installing and activating McAfee.
  • Also, make sure your Mcafee Product Key is valid and not used before.

If you are unable to Activate McAfee on your own

For our non-technical customer, it could be difficult to understand the process of installation and activation. To help those customers, our technical team is 24*7 available. Also for any other Mcafee Product Key related query, you are welcome to contact your team.

To redeem the Mcafee Product Key & Activation process visit or @McAfee Activate Site.